Sunday, 13 May 2012


In the Era of Digital Information, computers and virtual life, written words are still powerful. People out there really want to send their message.

'5 Abbey Road'. This really doesn't need any explanation.

'Little Britain'. Well known street for the City of London. I just can't help but think about David Walliams, Matt Lucas and automatically say Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no...

'Diversion'. An innocent detour sign for roadworks is definitely funny for people who knows how speak Spanish. Diversion means 'Fun'. Irony, isn't it?

'Danger. Demolition work in progress. - I don't feel good'. An intense feel of melancholy and pity invaded me as soon as I saw this writing. At first I laughed at the sort of irony between both sentences. But then, I felt really sorry for the person who wrote it. I genuinely think he/she was feeling really sad.

'DIY Centre'. Near Hornsey Rd. Nothing special, I just liked the carefully displayed range of elbows and pipe fittings. Amusing.

'Moreton Street'. In English is not a very interesting name, but it certainly is in Spanish. 'Moreton' is the incorrect (but used) way of saying 'moraton' which means bruise. It is fun, I swear. 

'Lupus Street'. After years of watching House, and in all the episodes Lupus is the first option but never the final diagnosis, the fact that the disease is an actual street really made me laugh.

'The Sun Alway Shine When We Pour. (We don't serve Malibu)'. It was definitely both disturbing the fact that Always is misspelled and the fact that the warn you in advice about Malibu. What sort of place was it? Can't remember. Essex Road. 

'The 1/2 House'. Felt like Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4. I think magic things happen there. Somewhere near Ennis Road.

'Door release'. Happy face. Inside Richmix. Not all have to be miserable.  

'Budget Britain take computer from Obama'. Bethnal Green Rd.

'Huh?'. On top of Urban Outfitters, Commercial St. Couldn't agree more. 

'Didn't get arrested'. Simple and true, although he might had at the end. Mobstr, where Redchurch St meets Ebor St.

'If you stare at this and stroke your chin you may appear intelligent and cultured'. At the back of the Sunday Up Market, in Brick Ln, close to Vhils' legendary carved portrait. Mobstr made his point, and I happened to capture a tourist in the perfect pose. 

'Coriander ruined my salad'. Probably the most brilliant sign up to date, and definitely my favourite. I absolutely dislike Coriander and hate the fact that everybody cooks with it. Parsley team.

'Just £5 per month will help preserve stickers in their own habitat'. Somewhere in Hanbury St. Silly, at least leave an email address. Wasn't planning to pay for it though. 

'Eleven and A Half'. Just to be clear, I don't live in 11 or 12 Fournier St. 

'Warning'. Although it is just a simple H&S warning on a heavy-duty truck, the picture itself is quite disturbing. 

'Mind the Gap'. Altought is all around the country, it is best known for being London's icon. Legendary. Daily reminder of the fear of dropping a shoe or your phone on your day to work.

'Bed only'. Not london by anyways. What really caught my attention is that this tiny independent B&B , who's owner made a very botched job by covering the 'Breakfast' bit with a piece of paper. Cheap cheap cheap. 

'To the river'. Sounded to me like somebody got absolutely tired to giving directions to tourists in Cambridge so decided to make life easier for everybody by writing it on the wall.

'I can feel your smile'. Sort of flattering and self-indulgent at the same time. The worse thing is that even though for a second you thought that was written for you, in reality, it wasn't. Bummer. 

'16 pints today, please'. Found at Cambridge University, close to the Materials Department. Just saying...

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