Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pillow Fight Day

I am back. We are all back. We have been hibernating from October. We have survived 6 months of freezing cold. I have lost the count of days of full snow, blizzards, painful rain, and donkey belly coloured skies. I had to tape our old sash windows with brown tape to avoid the draft while contemplating a mushroom grow on the outside frame.

Just like somebody could predict the future, some guys decided to organise a stress reliever event the first day of the real Spring in London. On the 7th of April, we saw the first real sun filled day of 2013, and stayed until the the sundown.

The lions of the square kept their cool, impassible of what was happening.The International Pillow Fight Day in Trafalgar Square was the perfect excuse to venture to the city centre, forget about the tourist and be surrounded by breath-compromising and non-painful war; with pillows.



Definitely not suitable for asthma or allergies sufferers, but highly stimulating for laughter and carefree sensations: London was smiling again.

And London will keep smiling, but that will be another story.