Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Milkshakes and Ice-cream

It is funny how a simple Friday evening can get so complicated all of a sudden. We all have terribly busy weekdays, so that making up for all the 'wasted time' is absolutely essential for the sake of the full enjoyment of our miserable commuting lifes.

Let's say last Friday, we organises a very busy Friday Evening starting by one of the pop-up concerts celebrated at St Pancras Station that have been happening from February until last Thursday. Bringing the subject of pop-up events mentioned already last week, this Station Sessions were so pop-up that although were heavily advertised by Twitter, and in spite of going around the station a couple of time we were not able to find the stage.

Resigne by the epic failure after rushing through the infinite tunnels of the underground at King's Cross, we managed to make it on time, at the announced time. But still, we couldn't find them. Not very happy with the outcome of the start of the little adventure, we located the Eurostar counter, hoping to find a bargain ticket to go to Paris, as one of those crazy improvised things that happen spontaneously every now and then and become absolute topic of conversation for months. Unfortunately, although realisable, the improvisation would have costed us around 200 pounds per person. In stead, we decided to invest that money in ourself by treating us with a milkshake in a nearby coffee shop (while making a pact between us of not to mention the shameful attempt of going to Paris with not so successful result).

While escaping from the masses of the commuting home, I remembered how the new Concourse at King's Cross had just been renovated after months or probably years of works in the area. Looking like one of those very high-end new airports (*cough cough* Madrid Barajas), KC certainly showed an impressive new face, with a very interesting structural mesh at the ceiling, illuminated with an eye-catching pink light. Good one for the Olympics, we all thought.

After a few minutes decided we had enough of architecture for the day, my Twitter advised me of the exact location due to the guys in charge of the event. Turns out, the gig was going to happen, it was just that it was SO pop-up that literally bloomed in seconds. By the time we reached the Eurostar check-in area of the station, we finally bumped into the small crowd around the band: Clock Opera. The super-recognisable beard of the lead singer plus the red stripy jumper of the guitarist were noticeable enough to find them too at the Camden Crawl on Sunday. Small world.

As the time was passing by, the need for a very well reviewed milkshake by our friend K was digging an even bigger hole in our estomacs. After the band finished playing, without hesitation, we run into Drink Shop Do.

If I remember well, the previous weekend, we kind of did the same action of visiting this very quirky Coffee/Cocktail Bar on a Friday Evening with not very big results as it was fully booked and extremely busy. It was a shame as there was a competition going on to carve in clay the face of Lionel Richie.

This time we came earlier, but still, most of the tables were already booked so we had to use one table knowing firmly that we should leave it after an hour or so. 

Still not sure if it was just our imagination being affected by the hunger we had or it was just genuinely bad, but certainly the wait to be served took way longer than our guts wanted. In fact, the feeling of the time ticking to evacuate the table was not in our first wishes. After around 15 minutes of uncertainty, a waitress informed us that the ice-cream, (note that it was barely 5:30pm, on a Friday) had run out and therefore the milkshakes would have none of it. We all shared a common face of odd-ness, like in a cartoon, raising comically one of our brows, at the same time we were giving enormous disapproval looks. 

After recovering for the shock and after a couple of misunderstandings between the staff and us, we decided that the awkwardness was higher than our hunger for a very expensive milkshake, so we waved goodbye (and got our money back) feeling strangely betrayed and went on our hunt to find another place  to feed our empty souls.

Trying to come up with an explanation of actually the failed third attempt to stay at this place, we decided to move on and keep our root of tasks for the day, so we headed to Shoreditch. Blaming it on the uncertainty, we took the longest and most uncomfortable route to the East End, deeply ignoring the presence of the Overground or the "famous three" to Shoredich High Street. In stead, we took the painful tunnel from Pentoville Road up to the Northern Line branch to Moorgate, and have the walk or our lifes until we reached our destination (actually it is not that bad, but felt infinite). 

We finally reached Richmix with a terribly empty stomach. Fortunately arriving on time, we had the opportunity to see first hand a display of the polymeric clay street artist CityzenKane, which I have been admiring since I first set a foot on Brick Lane. Even though the display was not very big, it was a big oportunity to see a good range of his pieces all together, in stead of having to find them on the streets of London, where they usually get vandalised (CZN's Lord Jagannath has been removed recently)

On the Mezzanine floor, a small photography exhibition about British Sub-culture. Really good portraits. And it's free. We all love freebies, don't we? 

The last step for our very elaborated plan involved proper sitting down for a decent meal. Taking the overground back North, at its last stop, Highbury & Islington and a couple of bus stops after we arrived at my beloved The Beach Hut. Our first decision was to study the level of hunger to ask for an appropriate size for their delicious fish and chips. Still, no matter the size you ask for, the portions are always extremely big.

A big piece of cod with proper hand cut chips and a cream soda after, playing some Tic Tac Toe, our stomachs still had some room for the best thing about the Beach Hut: THE ICE-CREAM. Two glorious gigantic scoops of ice-cream, that in my case were Honey & Lavender and Coconut settled the night and we went home to die of joy. 

Friday evening not necessarily as smooth as planned, but definitely worth trying. 

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