Thursday, 29 March 2012

We talk

Found this little gem on Today's Metro newspaper. There is something about the East End and cockney slang that I find incredibly appealing. 

Please find following a list of the least-known slang phrases and I dare you to make a proper long sentence with at least 4 of them. I can tell that it is definitely more about the rhyming more than about the meaning, but it is certainly a very colourful way of expression. I really would like to encourage to those natives from said borough to make an effort and make it last. Pass it to the generations and make it spread even by the means of Twitter if necessary. It is definitely a  

Least-known Cockney rhyming slang phrases
White mice - Ice
Donkey's ears - Years
Loop de loop - Soup
Custard and Jelly - Telly
Teapot lids - Kids
Bacon and eggs - Legs
Vera Lynn - Gin
Tommy Tucker - Supper
Cain and Abel - Table
Weasel and stoat - Coat
Davy Crockett - Pocket
Bricks and mortar - Daughter
Deep fat frier - Liar
Bubble bath - Laugh
Pig's ear - Bear
Lady Godiva - Fiver
Dickie bird - word
Mother Hubbard - Cupboard
Bread and honey - Money
Daisy roots - Boots

After the cockney confusion, while trying to digest at least one of them, here comes the Modern Slang Top 20 phrases. Mainstream language, with influences of all sorts of places, and it is what it is. You HAVE to be familiar with it. It's the rule. Get educated in the modern language of you will be lost in translation forever.


And, however, I must admit that I use 80% of them. And I hate percentages, but it is disturbingly true, innit? That was awesome girl, but I just can't be bothered to do anything. OMG, leave me alone, I just want to be chilling down in the sofa.

OK OK, this trial test to stack up all the phases have been an Epic fail. I really hope you found my previous posts awesome.

Anyways, rejoice: 

Modern slang phrases
Awesome - Mild approval
Bothered - I am not interested
Wicked - Extremely cool
OMG - Oh my god. Shock.
Innit - A contraction of 'isn't it'
Jel - Jealous
Epic fail - The most pitiful form of failure known to man
Chilling - Doing nothing
Shut uuup - Would you mind being quiet
Lush - Anything pleasurable or attractive
Reem - An attractive man or woman
Totes - Totally
Sick - Paradoxically used as positive term
Obvs - Obviously
Band tidy - Attractive women
Safe - Hello, goodbye or thank you
Standard - Of course
Amazeballs - Something that delights or amazes
Buff - A fine looking individual
True dat - Without a doubt, most definitely or Indeed.

And for those who are skeptical, here a real pictures of a cash point, somewhere in Hackney, allowing money withdrawals for those brave and cold blooded enough to press the correct button.

Remember. Be brave.



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