Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Here I am. Back again. Probably the fourth time. I stopped counting my attempts long time ago. 

Fourth prologue that I write. I will say I am a specialist on prologues. Will write that on my business cards. 

Back again to the amazing world of public (and certainly voluntary) humilliation,  where words come automatically without control as are typed by my finger but brain is not proofreading the content, the meaning, the context or the implications. 

But hey, I can always blame it on the English language improvement phase that I am forcing myself lately. Yes. I am currently being educated by undisclosed sources, non-necessarily politically correct but useful phrases from this universal language. 

I always found writing as my guilty secret. Although it is a well-known asset admired and seconded by my dearest progenitors, it is also well known by my friends that I am a geek, I pursue science and logic, but get myself lost in the literature every now and then. 

Finally, after having found a place where I can exercise my mind putting in practice what I learnt after years of university and different experience, I keep finding the need to record my, probably redundant thoughts for somebody outside to read. Or probably to keep it for the future, read it back in 20 years, and start laughing at my very basic use of the language, probably poor grammar and the naivety that I carry with me at all times. 

As all my previous attempts, this has no target reader, no purpose, and not logic connecting thread, but I hope that’s the beauty about it. 

Take it or leave it, folks. 

I am already embarrassed. 

I won’t read it back.


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