Sunday, 1 September 2013

God's own junk yard

I did it. I finally rode the whole Victoria Line from beginning to end: from Brixton to Walthamstow Central in an impressive 40 minutes. From proper South London SW2 to mega North East, E17.

In fact, I managed to convince quite a big group of friends into shortening their Saturday morning lie in to jump into zone 3 of the tube. Precisely, my friend M, halfway through the 40 minute ride, she asked me: 'Where exactly are we going?'. Unfortunately, people that know me could tell that I am not very good at both telling jokes and describing things in an exciting manner, so all that I could come up with was: 'a Neon Junk Yard', being Junk Yard pronounced with my spanish accent, causing a fair discussion about how I mis-pronounce Junk and Yard that made the trip even shorter. 

Once in Walthamstow we chose not to take the one-stop train to Wood Street station, the closest to our final destination, so we walked through St Mary's Rd, Church Ln and finally to 96 Vallentin Rd, our final destination. At this end of Vallentin Road, it really is a very industrial workshop area, after the nice residential alleyways coming from Walthamstow station, but the industrial hint assured us that we were in the right place.


I don't think this needs any explanation

Pretty mental right?

The artist is Chris Bracey (@GodsOwnJunkyard) and his work can be found al over London and the world. 

One of my favourite pieces is probably the Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls heart, famous for decorating the walls of the branches of The Breakfast Club

The Jesus hut was also a winner.

Quite a good excuse to go all the way to E17.

I am still missing Blackhorse Road to complete the line, but that will be another story.

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