Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ode to commuting

I wake up at 6 am

All I want is a Krispy Kreme

Shower, clothes, get things ready,

Walk downstairs a bit unsteady

Housemate is up, making coffee

He's on a diet but wants some toffee

Don't slam the door, housemates sleeping

Sun's out, men are sweeping

Oyster, iPad, iPod, phone

Need a Brollie, not my own

I walk agile those few meters

Bag feels heavy, just like liters

7 o'clock, arrive at the station

Train is coming: wind, vibration

Train is crowded, no more seats

Elbow, pushing, no defeat

Famous Circus, change of train

Find the tunnel, don't delay

3 minutes left. WiFi is On

Check your Twitter and some (dot)com

Brown as earth and old as hell

Jolting parts and dodgy old smell

I don't hate it, it's just Bakerloo

Doesnt matter, call at Waterloo *

*i know, i know... this rhyming is sh*te, but how would you rhyme Bakerloo otherwise?

It is done. Tube ride's over

From one transport to another

7:35. Train departs

Stretch your legs. Journey starts

40 minutes is my train ride

Breakfast and sleeping is implied

I wave bye-bye to the Shard

Foggy, sunny... Avant-garde

Passed through Vauxhall, smells like toast

It's where Nero and Costa do their roast

Pimlico Plumbers flashy in December

Tacky lighting since November

Workmates flirting, it's quite funny

Catering trolley: porridge and honey

You nosy, stop staring at my screen

Keep looking, will show something obscene

8:18: we are almost there

Sun is out but not a glare

My location is not disclosed

London and there: juxtaposed

Run for the bus at 8:19

Cross, not looking, light's not green

Taking this bus is like lottery

When I miss it, eyes go watery

Short bus ride to reach the office

8:30. What a journey!

This is it. It's my morning

Don't disturb me. It's a warning

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