Monday, 13 August 2012

Sweet Revenge

Any curious mind or person a bit attentive to detail can easily spot the bright pink gum and pearly white teeth all over the place in London.

A bit of google action and you can easily find out that the author is known as Sweet Toof and it is signature confectionery sweety.

And it happened just by chance, that I found myself, for a second week in a row, on a Friday evening at Hackney Wick, buildings away from where I explored last time, at the opening of Sweet Toof exhibition called Sweet Revenge, at Colour Works, and run by the High Roller Society (and once again, thanks to Facebook I found out about it).

I really didn't know what to expect, but went ahead.

Safe and sure of where I was heading to, unlike the first time that I stepped on the Wick, I easily found my way to it (plus there was a sign)

And there it was: a full warehouse full of pink teethy satisfaction

The Messenger

Bad guts

Strip tease

Sweet vanity (?). Probably one of my favourites

 Burning Candy

Bright lights. Big City. My second favourite

Somebody has a sweet toof indeed

When there are gums, teeth and sweets involved, a toothbrush is a must.

I Toof Hackney Wick. A poster of this is included on the last issue (#2) of The Wick

A bit of the good old merchandise

Brilliant one, just by the entrance. Can't mention teeth without having a fang snatcher 

For the enjoyment of the visitors...

People was having so much fun with it!

Even with the Jailed version...

Can't have an opening without a bar


Tuff City United

Off my line

The night is yours

Daisy daisy. Good one too

And yet again, I come across The Wick

 Some nice chaps breakdancing to make the evening more entertaining

Graffiti is for Losers t-shirt

Toof-fan (well, I assumed that it was a fan, for some strange reason - well, it was quite hot)

Aw... needless to say, I loved the exhibition. It was great fun

Nice engineered solution

And the sun was starting to set as I went out

Never underestimate the views from the Overground staircase

And the Olympic Stadium

Oh look! A sweet roof in the wild!

Awww, nice little relaxed an teethy Fridays.

And the Olympics almost over. But that's another story...

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  1. Such an extraordinary exhibition. I would love to drive that pink car :)