Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ode to my street

Half a mile to the station

Seven minutes of duration

Broken window, stolen car

Someone sleeping at the back

All the floor, full of bones

Chicken, turkey, parts of phones

Bus smells just like chicken

Pack of fries halfway eaten

Bag of peanuts on the floor

Used trousers; I count four

No wheellie bins, front door with bags

Foxes scavenge while they have a fag

Watch your step in the morning

Piles of s***; just a warning

Is it human, is it dog's?

Not a scene from a catalogue

I saw a man sh*tting round the corner

Fights on the street and professional mourners*

Christmas trees on the curb

I just heard somebody burp


It's not bulls*it, all true story

It's my street. All full of glory

But that really is another story

*couldnt find another better word to rhyme with Corner.

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